QR Codes

Supplied as sheets of 50mm x 50mm

200 @ £25.00
Self Adhesive
200 £25.00 + VAT
QR Codes
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QR Codes
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QR Codes, QR Stickers
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QR Codes
QR Code Stickers
safety signs
Safety Signs
Safety Signs

QR codes can be used to:
Open a website
Bookmark a website
Make a phone call
Send a text
Send an email
Create a vCard
Create a vCalendar event
Google or Bing maps
Geographical coordinates
iTunes App URL
Android App URL
Android market search
Youtube URL for iOS
Link to social network pages
We produce your QR codes as self adhesive vinyl
stickers that can be applied to your products, materials,
stock orders for despatch or anything you want.

We can supply the code (no charge).

200 are £25.00 + £1.99 delivery + VAT.

Any sizes/quantities are available.

Exterior grade waterproof vinyl.
Welcome to the Linden Signs Ltd online catalogue.  We offer up to
40% discount on other UK safety signs sites and suppliers. You can
pay securely online by
credit card or PayPal.
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Tel : 01773 741500    Fax : 01773 741555